“I know what I want in a college experience.  I can feel it, but I can’t explain it.”

Using my instincts and depth of experience, I help clients draw parameters around a college search. Part of my process is putting words to that ineffable feeling of “home.”  For some students, it’s about distance.  For others, climate plays a big factor.  Sometimes there’s a certain magic that’s hard to pinpoint: a good independent bookstore, a vibrant arts scene, or a strong sense of school identity.

“I waited until after Christmas to open all of my collge applications and the questions are harder than I thought.”

I provide creative and customized essay suggestions, workflows, and deadlines for students in a crunch.  I use my market savvy plus my understanding of the student to provide a structure and process for completing essays that maximizes student time and effort.

“I can’t tell one pretty postcard apart from the other.  All of these colleges seem the same to me.”

I pay close attention to industry news, local newspapers, and campus newspapers.  I read the fine print.  I visit campuses and ask staff direct and sometimes uncomfortable questions.   My depth of research benefits families who are making significant decisions and long-term investments.

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