College Suggestions for Studying Russia and Ukraine

Small schools with strong programs.

Bryn Mawr Collegehosts asummer Russian Language Instituteopen to all genders ages 16+. Bryn Mawr is also the only private school and the only liberal arts college with a Russian Flagship Program. (Note that Bryn Mawr is a gender-inclusive women's college, so some students who are eligible for the summer RLI are not eligible to apply to Bryn Mawr.)

Pomona Collegeoffers a well-supportedRussian and Eastern European Studiesmajor. Pomona students can cross-enroll withClaremont McKenna Collegefor excellent economics and government courses.

Schools with Russian Flagship Programs

College graduates who are fluent in Russian are highly desired for government and industry jobs.The Russian Flagship Programencourages students to become proficient in Russian and then study/intern in Kazakhstan with funding from the U.S. Department of Defense.

Schools with Russian Flagship Programs:

Indiana University. Students can pursue interdisciplinary majors likeinternational law and institutionsandcybersecurity and global policy.

Portland State University. PSU has a large part-time commuter population and is best-known for its public health and public affairs schools.

UCLA. UCLA profiled Russian Flagship Program alumni who majored inbiomedical engineering,economics, andpolitical science.

University of Georgia. UGA is a leader inagricultureandteacher education.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC's strong programs ininformation science,political science, andpublic policypair well with the Russian Flagship Program.

University of Wisconsin-Madison. Among Wisco's most in-demand programs arecomputer scienceandjournalism.

Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech is tops forarchitecture and design.

Schools that offer Ukrainian language courses

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